About YearSoul

YearSoul showcases creative works and production diaries from arts enthusiast Simone Kali Smith. From an early age Simone found great interest in storytelling. After completing short films as a student, working on film crews, producing video content for websites, and teaching video production to teenagers, Simone has decided to launch YearSoul to curate her own original productions.

* YearSoul came from my grandmother always repeating the saying “once a man,twice a child.” We are first children, we live as adults, and then we become childlike again. What if that wasn’t entirely unfortunate? The love and passion you have as a child should always remain and inspire no matter how many years old (yearsoul) you happen to be.

Live as an adult but make things happen with the soul you have at your best most creative moments whether it’s your 5,10, or 20 year soul.

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