“Sixteen Unsweetened” episode 3: “Family Lockdown”

After a late night turns into an early morning Jada comes home. Tyreek makes it his business to find out why she left Anthony. Aunt Kim and Tyreek warn Jada against hanging out in unfamiliar territory.

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2nd Episode of Webseries, “Sixteen Unsweetened”

Webseries “Sixteen Unsweetened”. Episode 2: “Meet Your New Surroundings”

Now that Jada is older she seeks to be more noticeable. Jada hangs out to get better acquainted with potential close friends. She’s surprised at the reception to her.

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“Sixteen Unsweetened” webseries: Pilot Episode

First episode of YearSoul produced series, “Sixteen Unsweetened”.

Episode 1: Happy Birthday

Jada wake up on her sixteenth birthday to not much fanfare. A group interaction makes her uneasy about her personality. Jada is angered and confronts her cousin Tyreek amongst his friends.

“Sixteen Unsweetened” is a dramatic series about a 16 year old girl who feels invisible and lost trying to be seen in her urban setting as a young woman. When Jada finally turns sweet sixteen and doesn’t feel a big difference in her life, she seeks to what and who she knows. Her assumptions and naivete make her miss the larger picture and leads her to everything she always knew to avoid.

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