About Artist-Creative

Simone Kali Smith is an arts and entertainment enthusiast who holds a B.A.in Film. As a teen she participated in workshops and won competitions in filmmaking, poetry, and acting.  During this time Simone also wrote and performed with City Lights Youth Theatre.  While in college she learned different avenues for video production with internships at Atlantic Records/WMG,  Edward Bass Films, The Source Magazine,  and Jones Magazine. Working with viBE Theater Experience since 2011, she’s educated teens on filmmaking and creating original music videos.

In 2015 with Essence Mason, Simone co-founded the creative team For Art’s Sake 125. They later added Malcolm Smith to their team. They created the film anthology , “Drinking from Cups Not Meant For Us“, and short films like “New Footage”, written and directed by Simone and would tour with the AAWIC Anti-Gun Violence Tour after being featured during Harlem Week. This team would go on to work on an original stage musical titled “Love in a Different Key” before rebranding.

In 2022, Simone, Essence and Malcolm relaunched as Lenox Letters, a New York based colaborative creative team. Their most recent release has been the webseries “Butch Queen Energy” available exclusively on their channel.

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