Latest: View All 10 Episodes of “Sixteen Unsweetened” & a New Short , “Eve’s Adam”.

If you haven’t you can now watch the series, “Sixteen Unsweetened” in a YearSoul Productions playlist.

Also my second production company, For Art’s Sake 125, has decided to release shorts from our 10 short films collaborative movie, “Drinking From Cups Not Meant For Us”. The first short is a mini poetic film directed and produced by me. – Simone Kali

Find both projects below and Subscribe:

“Sixteen Unsweetened” –  a coming of age drama about black teenage girl in NYC.

“Eve’s Adam” – A short film about infatuation.

Sixteen Unsweetened Poster

“Sixteen Unsweetened” is a dramatic series about a 16 year old girl who feels invisible, and lost trying to be seen in her urban setting as a young woman.

When Jada finally turns sweet sixteen, and doesn’t feel the big change she expects, she seeks to make changes to her own life, changing what and who she knows. Her assumptions and naivete make her miss the larger picture, and leads her to everything she always knew to avoid.

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